Thorben Eggers – Flensburg

Artist Statement

“All painters, and everyone should paint pictures.” – Gerhard Richter, 1966

I also copy photos, but what is the difference?

If you want to translate the almost 50 year old credo into modern times, you should paint user interfaces or animated picture worlds of the smartphone today. We are constantly confronted with visual simulation offers that proclaim an immense attractiveness. That’s why I am concerned with the following questions: What is an image and how do we perceive reality in the digital age? To perceive and process the world via surfaces is my primary artistic interest.

Photographic models often form the starting point for a material Transformation – a pictorial return of a digital information into the physical, real world.

I’m interested in digital image shifts, which I prepare on the computer and ultimately translate into painting. The entire composition is translated on a shaped canvas, so that I can digitally expand the classic format of an image. When viewing the paintings I would like to refer to our digital viewing habits, because those image manipulations are so far only known from advertising or Internet known. The newly created image objects oscillate between geometric abstraction due to the new image format and Figuration based on the displayed image content. Thereby the painting is my favorite medium, because I’m convinced that after the most attractive form of simulation. The previously digital perfect, smooth image is achieved by the pictorial act with analogous defects or interference. I want to put those perception filters in a inflationary advertising aesthetics and to rethink the concept of the digital image question. My works are meant to both question the traditional viewing habits in translate a new visual language, as well as the social digital currents and unite them in painting.

(Thorben Eggers)

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