Press Release Livia Marin | “Sobre todas las Cosas”

Reiners Contemporary Art presents for the first time, the chilean artist, Lívia Marin. The exhibition brings together a selection of her latest sculptures and photographs.

The poetics of Lívia Marin

Livia Marin’s work begins with an observation and re-use of objects that are massproduced and present in the everyday lives of many. Marin uses objects of mass consumption but also others that have been discarded and are found in second hand markets. In this sense, the objects that are the protagonists of her work distance themselves from the unique and elite object and therefore from the idealization of its function and design. Rather, her work is interested in the residues left by use and the passage of time that erase the anonymity and standardization that originated in the objects of mass production and circulation.

In her work, material objects are understood not only as merchandise but also as signifiers of contemporary culture, recording the often omitted and unnoticed relationships that people establish with them. Her work focuses on giving appearance to these relationships and suggesting forms for that which, despite its insistent presence in everyday life, inevitably escapes. In this eagerness, one of the strategies used in her work consists of elaborating a certain strangeness from that which is familiar.

About the artist
She lives and works in London.

She has a degree in Fine Arts from the Universidad Arcis, a Masters in Visual Arts from the Universidad de Chile in Santiago Chile and a PhD in Arts from Goldsmiths College, London. She has had solo and group exhibitions both in Chile and abroad, among which stand out:
Faltas/Faults (Galería Patricia Ready, Santiago, 2013-2014), New Blue-and-White (MFA, Boston, 2013), Nomad Patterns (Eagle Gallery, London, 2012; Galeria E. Fernandes, São Paulo, 2011; Saatchi Gallery and Phillips & de Pury, London, 2011), El lugar de lo invisible (Sala Gasco, Santiago, 2009), Poetics of the Handmade (MOCA, Los Angeles, 2007), Maximinimalist (Inova, Milwaukee, 2007), Manuf®actured: The Conspicuous Transformation of Everyday Objects (Museum of Contemporary Craft, Oregon, 2008); IV Bienal MERCOSUR (Porto Alegre, Brazil, 2003).

Awards and Distinctions
2005 Altazor Award, Santiago.
2004 Scholarship for Artistic Creation and Research, Andes Foundation, Santiago.
2001 FONDART Public Art Contest, Ministry of Education, Santiago, Chile.
2000 FONDART, Ministry of Education, Santiago, Chile.
1999 FONDART, Ministry of Education, Santiago, Chile.
1998 Award XX National Contest of Young Art. University of Valparaiso, Chile.

Practical information
Exhibition: Livia Marin : “About all things”.
Medium: Sculpture, Photography, Installation
Preview: 25.03.2021
Date: 26.03 – 25.05.2021
Location: Reiners Contemporary Art | C.C. Camojan Corner 9, Marbella
Open to the public: Tuesday to Friday 11 – 15H (in the afternoon by appointment )
Insta: @reiners_contemporary_art