Idowu Oluwaseun – Lagos

Idowu Oluwaseun studied art and painting at the Yaba College of Technology’s School of Art, Design and Printing, but practised as a fashion designer before returning to art. His interest in fabric remained, however, and has since been incorporated into his paintings. This is particularly so in Faceless Minority, a recent series of enigmatic portraits featuring subjects with their heads wrapped in fabric, their faces completely obscured, but which nonetheless convey their intent via the nature of the fabric, which might be in the colours of a country’s flag, or indicate a particular region by means of its popularity in that region. The fabrics and silencing of the subjects thus serve as oblique references to the social, cultural or political situation in a region.

Selected exhibitions of Oluwaseun’s work include the Contemporary Portrait Exhibition, LHUCA, Texas (2018) and the Marilyn Dickey Open Show, Sugarland Art Center, Texas (2016).

Idowu Oluwaseun, Explicit Content 3 at Reiners Art Gallery Marbella
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