Éder Oliveira – Belém

A history of social violence in the Amazon — particularly in the state of Pará — has been consolidated within the field of contemporary art through the work of artist Éder Oliveira, who lives and works in the region. Born in the countryside, in the village of Timboteua (1983), Oliveira currently lives in Belém, the capital of Pará, located at the mouth of the Amazon River Delta.

His conceptual agenda speaks of the genocide of indigenous populations and slave descendants; the exclusion of the communities that inhabit the forests and riverbanks; slavery; the lumpen urban masses living in growing poverty; deforestation; regional inequalities; neoliberalism’s social deficit in education; and cultural rootlessness.

Web: www.ederoliveira.net
Eder Oliveira_work 2021_Reiners-contemporary-Art Marbella
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