Reiners Contemporary Art Gallery Marbella_Cuerpos exhibition

Cuerpos Atravesados

Group Show

Claudia Rogge | Dora Smék |Paul Setúbal | Flavia Junqueira

27.11.2020 – 10.1.2021

curated by Juan Montiel Rozas

Reiners Contemporary Art opens the exhibition “Cuerpos Atravesados”, by Dora Smék, Claudia Rogge, Paul Setúbal and Flavia Junqueira, on November 26th at 3 pm as part of the first Marbella Gallery Weekend 2020. The exhibition will be open until January 20, 2021.

Cuerpos Atravesados presents five works that offer an expanded vision of the concept “artwork”. The artists exercise the roles of
subject and object in parallel and their action becomes a catalyst of their own creative energy.

Five proposals in which the body is understood as a porous surface that, at the same time, reflects identity conflicts and power relations. Cuerpos atravesados leads us to ask ourselves about our
own ontological dimension.

Dora Smék (Campinas, Brazil, 1987) proposes, within the framework of sorority, a reconnection with our own body, our essence, our internal conflicts and our historically and socially
imposed vulnerabilities.

On the other hand, the work of Claudia Rogge (Düsseldorf, Germany, 1965) questions us about the possibility of developing the individual dimension within the public discourses of production
of homogenized subjectivities.

In his case, Paul Setúbal (Goiânia, Brazil, 1987) acquires the
role of augur of a catastrophe that is imminently approaching and to which he can only be a witness.

Finally, Flavia Junqueira (São Paulo, 1985) introduces us to
scenes where the real and the fictitious, the physical and the
allegorical, the present and the past, the adult and the child are combined; where History becomes memory.

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